Our Services

Military and Paramilitary Training

We are involved in training Government Armies and Private security Personnel. We provide and Command an elite team of Instructors to train Armies and Paramilitary organizations

Escort/Static Guarding

We provide, deploy and command an elite team of Security personnel to Man and Gaurd entry control Points [ECPS], Watch Towerss, Control or Communication Room. This enables us to secure Bases, Facilities and Properties We provide dedicated security professionals to escort individuals or groups from one location to another when safety is a concern. Our experienced team has been trained to adapt and react quickly to the most dangerous situations if required. Our job is to escort you safely in dangerous environments offering covert and overt security escort.


We are involved in recruiting Professionals in the field of VIP Protection. We Provide this service both in Uganda and globally for example in Somalia, Afghanistan and other countries

Entry Control Point

We provide security personnel with the right experience to detect and respond to threats at entry control points in the most professional manner.

Quick Reaction Force

We provide fail safe quick reaction force teams to bring stability and security back to normal situation. Our quick reaction force teams are trained in the force protection of our clients’ assets and personnel.

K9 Security Services

We are professionally licensed handlers together with our highly trained security dogs in different sections make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests. Our dog teams are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings, detect explosives and drugs among others.

We also provide the following services as listed below;-

Camp Management

(EOD) Demining Team





Warehouse Operators